Word Challenges

The wild ride is about to begin. She takes a while to decide which filter to apply, juno or lark? Interestingly, she does not adjust the lighting, it must be making her highlight popping already. The angle gets adjusted multiple times, until, finally, it is just right, not to the right, not to the left.  The orange tint in the filter brings out the tan that she has carefully applied the night before. The hair is straightened, and the sunglasses perched carefully on the top of the head. The sausage in the buffet this morning gives her the energy to lift her hand up a little higher, diminishing the five o’clock shadow. She swiftly swipes to the left of her iPhone X to activate portrait mode, smoothing her skin and brightening her eyes. Now it is the time to take 100 photos, all with a different smile. Several looking foolish, some serious. The orange glow from the sun leaves her nose looking snatched.

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