Preposition Writing – Cinque Terre

As I take a deep breath in, only then do I notice the crisp cleanness of the air, which catches me by surprise. Amongst the busyness of unpacking and getting settled in, I have forgotten to look outside and appreciate the beautiful surroundings.  Above the heater is a little retro window, with no curtains only white chunky blinds. As I walk over and pull them open the light from the blaring sun outside catches me by surprise. On the window is a ladybird, I open the latch to let her go, I watch as she flies out into the open air, stopping for a moment as if she is thanking me. Now the ladybird has flown out of sight, my eyes drift off into the ambiance.

On top of the rocks are many European women, basking in the rays of the sun. Next to them are jagged rocks, some 6 feet tall, which cast towering shadows around themselves. Above these shadows are men, sitting on top of their canoes, keeping a watchful eye over their women. On the side of the hill is a long windy road, cutting a path through the dense forest. Under the beauty of the centuries-old seaside villages lies a neglected tunnel, that once led a course to a now abandoned harbor. Without this harbor, the boats of the 19th centuries would have no one to park, but now a new, modern replacement has been put in place.

Under me a hear a door creak open, must be mama returning from the shop.

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