Crash – Judgments

These two people look to be in high-end corporate jobs. I picture working in a skyscraper. I think this is because he’s wearing a suit and she looks to be wearing a nice dress. Definitely a couple also. Their clothing and jewellery led me to believe that they have a decent amount of money. They don’t really seem trustworthy to me. More like the people who will step on your toes to get what they want. I think they will be somewhat stuck up, classic white rich family.

I am sure to sure what profession these guys are in. They look to be young so possibly still studying or staying at homee before figuring out what to do in their lives. THe guy on the left looks like a gangsta because of his cornrows and the way he ismoving and the moustache. But the guy on the right looks more well done wearing a nice jacket it looks like. They do appear to be trustworthy to me as they look friendly. I think their personality would kind of be idgaf type vibe. Almost too cool for school.

She looks like the typical “im a mess” female. Works a well-paying job but is still single, possibly divorced. This is because this image portrays her as a “mess” almost will unmade hair and little to no makeup wearing a decently plain t-shirt. However she does look trustworthy and I this is because she has a nice face, and looks like the cool aunty. I think her personality would be loving and caring but also she does what she wants to get her way.

This man right here looks like a PE teacher. The lockers behind, receding hairline and what looks to be a tracksuit jumper leads me to these conclusions. He looks mean almost, maybe it is the bushy eyebrows. So no i don’t think he is trustworthy. He looks like he would threaten me with a not achieved if i wasn’t running fast enough. I think his personality is cold, stern, harsh and not so nice.

He is the bad guy in this film. He works at a car dealership and scams people of their money because he takes the good parts out of cars and replaces them for a bad part and then gives it back to the owner saying he “fixed it”. 100% not trustworthy. You can’t see much of his clothing but he looks to be middle aged and has a stern look on his face. He is the crazy man.

This man is the guy who just wants everyone to get along and he wants everyone to be happy. He also works a high-end corporate job and has money. You can see this because he is wearing a suit and has one of those posh scarves around his neck. He is loving and caring and very trustworthy. The father you never had.

Boss lady. She is the one you go to to get stuff done. She is determined, passionate and knows what is right. She is trustworthy as long as you stay on her side of the team. Profession, business of some sort. Her eyeliner leads me to believe she is bold.

He is only rich because of daddys money and he wears those little blue scarves because he thinks they look cool. He is sly and backstabbing, not one to trust at all. He doesn’t work, but possibly his family is in the drug business. He also has fountains outside of his house. THe lady beside him is his wife and her job is to look pretty.

He got the not acheieved from the pe teacher. But he doesnt work he is a student. A pretty basic guy off of the clothing he is wearing. But he is not trust worthy he would go and tell his homies anything you say.

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