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Is love an invention created by humans?

No, I do not think love is an invention created by humans. Love is something that you can’t help, it happens in your body. It is a natural emotion because it is what has evolved over many years to keep us alive and to keep us reproducing.

There are three chemicals involved in falling in love, adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. Adrenaline starts it off, making your heart race, and making you sweaty and your mouth gets dry when you bump into your crush. Dopamine, this chemical stimulates desire and reward, by creating a huge rush of pleasure. Finally, serotonin, makes your new lover keep popping into your thoughts.

In conclusion, love is not something made by man, it is an intricate maze of chemicals and hormones, all there to make us want to MAKE BABYS!

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  1. I like this… Adding scientific evidence to this gave ya lots of oomph! In your conclusion, you might want to define love as a concept not a word so to avoid people saying that we invented the word…


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