1.1 Practice

Macbeth is a play written in the 17th century. The plot describes the main character, Macbeth as a courageous, Scottish general who is rather benign in nature. It is when his inner desire to advance and gain power engrosses him that he changes and becomes a killing machine engrossed by guilt and paranoia. The deterioration of his mindset is shown through his hallucinations, use of metaphors and the weak foot of iambic pentameter.


Throughout the play, Macbeth encounters multiple apparitions that show him beginning to lose his sanity and seeing things that aren’t really there. When making the decision whether he was going to kill his king, King Duncan sees a ‘dagger’ before him. He exclaimed in shock “is that a dagger before me, the handle towards my hand. Come let me clutch thee. have thee not yet I thee still”. By hallucinating seeing a bloody dagger, the future instrument of his crime

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