Word Challenges

The wild ride is about to begin. She takes a while to decide which filter to apply, juno or lark? Interestingly, she does not adjust the lighting, it must be making her highlight popping already. The angle gets adjusted multiple times, until, finally, it is just right, not to the right, not to the left.  The orange tint in the filter brings out the tan that she has carefully applied the night before. The hair is straightened, and the sunglasses perched carefully on the top of the head. The sausage in the buffet this morning gives her the energy to lift her hand up a little higher, diminishing the five o’clock shadow. She swiftly swipes to the left of her iPhone X to activate portrait mode, smoothing her skin and brightening her eyes. Now it is the time to take 100 photos, all with a different smile. Several looking foolish, some serious. The orange glow from the sun leaves her nose looking snatched.

Layering a scene

  • Trees lining the side of the road
  • Small houses, thin but tall
  • Steep road
  • Cute fences lining the front of the houses
  • Calm


  • Large window
  • Front of house
  • Large glass pane
  • Feels warm
  • Well lit


  • White sheet attached to wood
  • Large fireplace
  • Large dolls house on cabinet behind
  • Sofas
  • Small coffee table


  • The dolls house
  • Soft pink
  • Creams
  • SIZE
  • Larger than expected
  • Small ceramic figurines inside
  • Different bedrooms
  • Small furniture
  • On top of the cabinet


The calmness of the street surprises you. England is assumed to always be busy especially as it is prime time, but all that is heard is the squawk of magpies in the distance. The gentle slope of the hill raises your heart beat just enough for you to feel out of breath. Lining the streets are cherry blossom trees, with the bud about to burst and see the world for the first time. An old lady is taking out her trash to your right, she looks up at waves at you. All the houses here are short and tall, some lined with cute little fences holding in their gardens. You stop for a moment to take a deep breath in and regain your normal heart rate A glint catches your eye. It came from a large glass window 10 feet away. The feeling of nostalgia draws you in. Your feet start walking towards this window

Preposition Writing – Cinque Terre

As I take a deep breath in, only then do I notice the crisp cleanness of the air, which catches me by surprise. Amongst the busyness of unpacking and getting settled in, I have forgotten to look outside and appreciate the beautiful surroundings.  Above the heater is a little retro window, with no curtains only white chunky blinds. As I walk over and pull them open the light from the blaring sun outside catches me by surprise. On the window is a ladybird, I open the latch to let her go, I watch as she flies out into the open air, stopping for a moment as if she is thanking me. Now the ladybird has flown out of sight, my eyes drift off into the ambiance.

On top of the rocks are many European women, basking in the rays of the sun. Next to them are jagged rocks, some 6 feet tall, which cast towering shadows around themselves. Above these shadows are men, sitting on top of their canoes, keeping a watchful eye over their women. On the side of the hill is a long windy road, cutting a path through the dense forest. Under the beauty of the centuries-old seaside villages lies a neglected tunnel, that once led a course to a now abandoned harbor. Without this harbor, the boats of the 19th centuries would have no one to park, but now a new, modern replacement has been put in place.

Under me a hear a door creak open, must be mama returning from the shop.

The Banned Word Challenge

The sun dips below the horizon, and as twilight fades the eerie dullness sets in.  As the clock strikes twelve the streets clear, only a few lights flicker. The white-speckles in the heavens gleam down on my face. I like duskiness, it hides everything, it leaves a blank canvas, emptying all expectations and imperfections. The celestial bodies look deep into my eyes, watching my every move. My doubts, thoughts, and uncertainness wander into obscurities.

Essay – Fate in Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is considered to be one of William Shakespeare’s most popular plays. There are 27 operas based on the story, as well as ballets, jazz and modern music, musicals, movies, paintings and even a Twitter series. The play follows the journey of Romeo and Juliet as they fall in love and hide it from society, as their parents are fueding. Shakespeare used literature and language devices to convey the idea of fate. Their ambitious love ended up with the death of both of them. Shakespeare used fate in a way to leave the readers apprehensive, such as using the protagonists’ dreams and prophecies to foreshadow an event. He used dramatic irony, as because of the prologue we know the main events that occur, and we can pick up when the characters subconsciously refer to their outcome. Another practice W. Shakespeare used was creating a plot line and leaving the hands of the characters in ‘gods’ hands so that when one event occurs it snowballs and carries on to create a string of events to leave the reader in anticipation.

During the course of the tragedy, Romeo and Juliet have several dreams and many prophecies were made. Shakespeare uses dreams to inform the reader that something major in the plot is about to materialize. In the 1500’s it is believed that when something is dreamt, it becomes real, so Shakespeare used this to foreshadow events. “I dreamt my lady came and found me dead… and breath’d such life in my lips that I reviv’d and was an emperor.” Romeo dreamt that Juliet came and found him dead. Romeo dreamt this after he was banished from Verona. Sice Romeo has done a sin and is banished, he can never be an emperor on earth. The only place where he could with Juliet and be as powerful as an emperor is in Heaven. This dream gave more information then what was said in the prologue, hinting that Juliet finds Romeo deceased and decides to go to Heaven with him. Friar Lawrence said, “These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die like fire and powder, which as they kiss, consume.” This is saying that the rough love that Romeo and Juliet have for each other have just as rough ends, and he refers to their kisses as explosive. This is prophetic because he aligns the cataclysmic passion of Romeo and Juliet with the feud that kills with violence, Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, Tybalt and Paris.

Dramatic irony was Shakespeare’s way of adding humor to the script. Dramatic irony is when the reader knows more or knows something that the characters do not. We have more insight that the characters about the play because of the prologue. The most important quote in the prologue is when it tells us that a pair of star-crossed lovers takes their own life which buries their parents strife. Lady Capulet states “I would the fool were married to her grave.”  She saying Juliet is a fool for not marrying Paris, because of this she wishes she was dead… therefore married to her grave. The dramatic irony in this is that in the end for Juliet a marriage is what actually killed her. In Act 2 scene 2 Juliet warns Romeo about their love. “Alack, there lies more peril in thine eye than twenty of their swords! Look thou but sweet, and I am proof against their enmity.” Romeo dismisses his warning. Juliet is saying that one bad look from Romeo would be worse then twenty of his families swords. She says look kindly at me and I will be invincible to their hatred. We know because of the prologue that they are doomed, and therefore she is referring to her fate of dying with Romeo.  The use of dramatic irony was everywhere in the play, as using dramatic irony added banter and playfulness to the sad story of Romeo and Juliet.

The fate of Romeo and Juliet were in the hands of a higher figure, God. In the 1500’s coincidences was usually referred to as an act of God, as most people in England practiced the Roman Catholic religion. God used Romeo and Juliet as his toys. Their fate, of dying together, was always going to occur, no matter what the path there was.  After the tragic death of Tybalt and Mercutio, Benvolio gives the news to Romeo that Prince Escales will most likely give him the death sentence if he is caught. Romeo says “Oh, I am fortune’s fool!” He is referring to the fact that he has no control over his destiny. The word fortune means chance as a higher force is affecting the human actions. The use of the word ‘fortune’ tells the audience that he recognizes the fact that he is being controlled by a higher force and he acknowledges that he has no control over that. God is controlling his life as there has been a turn of events that has sent Romeo’s life downhill. He places the responsibility of this on God. On the night of Capulet’s ball, Romeo says he has a funny feeling, that something is ‘hanging the stars’ (destined to happen) that night. “I fear, too early, for my mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date with this night’s revels, and expire the term by some vile forfeit of untimely death. But he hath the steerage of my course, direct my sail. ” Romeo was aware that he was not in control of what was going to happen that night. He says he has a bad feeling about the party, as it may spark the start of something bad that will end with his own death. He then announces that whoever is in charge of his life, steer him anywhere he wants. The use of sail refers back to the sea, as the sea can be seen as a vast empty space where, when sailing, you have no control over the path. He uses this word as in this stage of the play Romeo has no control over his course. He also makes a direct reference to God, saying that he can take his life where ever he wants to take it… and there he met the love of his life, Juliet.

William Shakespeare used many different language and literature devices to express the idea of fate in Romeo and Juliet. This essay shows how Shakespeare uses dramatic irony, acts of god and dreams and prophecies to convey fate to the reader. Examining Shakespeare’s tragedy showed how important it is to choose my words carefully.

Quote Analysis Act 3 Scene 5 Line 54 (Romeo and Juliet)

O, God, I have an ill-divining soul! – Juliet

This quote is Juliet talking about her soul, and how it makes bad things happen. Her mind predicts bad and evil things occurring. The word ill means suffering from an illness, a dark, horrible thing often causing death. Divining is associated with someone or something that has supernatural insight into the future. Put together this word means a dark, bad, dangerous thing that is destined to happen in the future. Her mind, her inner body, is destined to cause something bad to happen. I think this relates to the whole story because of everything in the play is dependent on fate, and they can’t control their ending.

5 Minute Think

Is love an invention created by humans?

No, I do not think love is an invention created by humans. Love is something that you can’t help, it happens in your body. It is a natural emotion because it is what has evolved over many years to keep us alive and to keep us reproducing.

There are three chemicals involved in falling in love, adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. Adrenaline starts it off, making your heart race, and making you sweaty and your mouth gets dry when you bump into your crush. Dopamine, this chemical stimulates desire and reward, by creating a huge rush of pleasure. Finally, serotonin, makes your new lover keep popping into your thoughts.

In conclusion, love is not something made by man, it is an intricate maze of chemicals and hormones, all there to make us want to MAKE BABYS!

5 minute Think

Is a white sheet of paper more blank than a black sheet of paper?

The definition of blank is unrelieved by decorative or other features; bare, empty, or plain. By making a piece of paper black, then it is adding another feature; therefore not making it blank and adding a feature (the black) makes it not blank anymore.

Two Quote Analysis from ACT 2 SCENE 4

Two Quotes

1. O, he’s courageous captain of compliments: he fights as you sing prick-song, keeps time, distance, and proportion; he rests his minim rests, one, two, and third in your bosom; the very butcher of a silk button, a duellist, a duellist; a gentleman of the very first house, of the first and second cause.


Oh, he’s the best at complimenting: he fights like you sing at a show, keeps the time, distance, and proportion; he takes the rests he needs, one two, and third in your heart; he is a butcher who can hit a silk button, a master of duels, he is the finest man of a fencing school.

Why I think this is interesting is because Romeo is meant to be in a dark place and they are complimenting him and saying a lot of nice things about him. I think this relates back to the storyline because they are saying how nice he is, how he is the best. I think this is hinting about how he is a nice guy, whose life shouldn’t be taken.

2. Bid her devise. Some means to come to shrift this afternoon. And there she shall at Friar Lawrence’ cell. Be shrived and married.


Tell her to devise a plan to get out of her home and go to Frair Lawrence’s cell. She can make a confession and then be married.

I think this quote is important because it is the first time when someone else other than Frair Lawrence has heard about their marriage plans. I think this is significant to the story because it is saying that the marriage is official and plans are in place, at Frair Lawrence’s hands.